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You’ve found pests in your home, and you’re looking to call a pest control company to take care of the problem. Each pest control company is looking for your business and doing its best to attract you as a customer. So, which do you choose for your pest control needs? To help you out, we’re going to compare the differences of the nation’s top exterminators: Orkin, Terminix, and Aptive.

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we will cover the following topics:

  • Company Overviews
  • Pest Coverage
  • Bed Bug Removal
  • Termite Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Tick Control
  • Average Cost Comparison
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Key Metrics


Overall Rating

BBB Rating

Avg. Cost

States Covered


$420 – $560



$350 – $550



$400 – $700



Terminix has over 90 years of pest control experience and proudly offers its clients a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. It began business in the 1920s and was established by E.L. Bruce, a hardwood floor manufacturer. Terminix is known for making huge strides within the pest control industry, leading to massive scientific improvements in research, products, and different pest control techniques. It has even patented termite control techniques, which isn’t surprising considering its founder patented the first termiticide shortly before it began offering annual termite control contracts for its clients. Eventually, it expanded its services and began treating other types of pests.

Today, its headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee, and it has over 10,000 member teams throughout the United States and abroad. Terminix pest specialists include PhD-level entomologists, which gives it an edge over the competition. Its technician training is also considered some of the best worldwide. Unlike the competition, Terminix also offers online chat functions so that customers can easily access 24/7 support for their pest control needs.


Like Terminix, Orkin has been in business for many years, even reaching over 120 years in business recently. In 1901, Orkin was established by Otto Orkin, who got his start selling rat poison door to door. Orkin remained a family business until 1964 when it was acquired by Rolin Inc. Over the years, Orkin has gotten involved with many cutting-edge technological advances with pest control, including research projects at universities and insect biology with the CDC. It also sponsors educational initiatives for young people worldwide and works to educate the public on environmental safety, education, and public health.

Orkin has a specialized program it puts its pest control specialists through that includes 160 hours of targeted training and testing before its specialists are allowed into the field. Today, Orkin has over 400 global locations, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia currently. The company offers clients a 30-day money-back guarantee to give them peace of mind that they’re covered should pests return to their home.


Founded in 2015, Aptive Environmental is newer to the pest control industry. However, it offers a variety of cutting-edge services. Today, it’s the fastest-growing pest control company in North America, which is no surprise with its strong commitment to putting customers first. The founders of Aptive, David Royce and Vess Pearson, are two serial entrepreneurs with a history of pest control experience, which they’re now using to make Aptive the best pest control company around. Aptive’s headquarters is in Provo, Utah. Additionally, the company has won a huge variety of awards from Best Company to Stevie Winner to Glassdoor’s “Best Place to Work.”

Aptive has a considerable emphasis on environmentally safe pest control services, so if you’re looking for safer, more natural pest control plans, Aptive is an excellent choice. It’s even a part of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. Above all else, Aptive considers itself a family business that always puts its customers’ health and safety first. If you’re ready to enjoy your home again, Aptive is a company that makes your home and family its priority.

Pest Coverage

If you know what kind of pest you’re dealing with, it’s essential to check out which companies treat that kind of pest. To help you out, we’ve developed this pest coverage chart to show you what each pest control provider does and doesn’t cover

Termite Control

No homeowner wants to think about termites infiltrating their home and destroying wood on their property. If you’ve found termites on your property, here are the termite control options that these pest control providers offer.


Terminix is known for its termite treatments and breaks the process down into three primary steps. Your Terminix technician will start by thoroughly inspecting both the interior and exterior of your home, especially near entry points. Then, they will create a customized treatment or protection plan for your home and discuss this plan with you. They use a termite method called OnGuard Protection System, which uses bait systems to treat for termites on your property. Terminix also uses foaming treatments, like Termidor, to create barriers against termites within voids in your walls.

Some homes may also have the option to qualify for the Nix & Fix Termite Guarantee, which guarantees you’ll never have to pay for future termite treatments or repairs for termite damage as long as you maintain the plan with Terminix. The average cost of Terminix’s termite service is between $1,500 and $5,000, depending on your home’s size, structure, and infestation levels.


If you have drywood termites, Orkin is an excellent choice as a pest control provider because it’s one of the few providers that treat this pesky critter. Unlike other termites, drywood termites do not need contact with the ground, so they usually have to be treated via tent fumigation, which is an intensive, detailed treatment process. Fumigation uses sulfuryl fluoride, which kills termites effectively but can be very expensive and unhealthy for the environment. It also requires you and your family to leave the house for several days while the treatment is applied.

You can expect fumigation costs with Orkin to be as high as $10,000 or more, while other termite treatments it performs tend to be closer to two or three thousand dollars. Subterranean termites — which require contact with the ground — are easier to treat, so a liquid barrier, such as a foaming treatment, will typically take care of them.


Aptive is a very environmentally friendly pest control company, and as such, it tries to limit the use of harmful pesticides when treating your home. As a result, it currently offers spot treatments for termites, which many companies won’t do. If you have an extensive termite infestation, Aptive may not be able to tackle the entire pest problem because its technicians are not equipped to perform fumigations or other large-scale treatments at this time.

However, its spot treatments may be a great choice if you have a minor problem or a small area infested with termites, such as a shed. This option will also be much less expensive when compared to other types of treatments and may only cost a couple hundred dollars.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are annoying pests that can carry and transmit dangerous diseases, such as the West Nile and Zika viruses, to humans and pets. If you’re looking to treat an existing mosquito problem or prevent one, below are some of the mosquito control approaches taken by Terminix, Orkin, and Aptive.


Terminix QuickGuard Mosquito Service treatment plan is a solid option for immediately reducing mosquito populations on your property while providing you with long-lasting protection with a microbial insecticide. This treatment uses a special polymer layer that protects the active ingredients in the treatment from rain and lawn watering, providing you with weeks of active protection against mosquitoes. Terminix will continue to return to your property for monthly applications to continue building your defense against mosquitoes.

You can expect one-time mosquito treatments to cost about $150, while ongoing treatments cost around $60 a month. Please keep in mind that Terminix does not offer this treatment plan in all states.


Orkin offers a more robust mosquito control plan than other pest control providers. It uses different types of treatments that disrupt mosquito life cycles. In addition, these treatments may include traditional insecticides, insect growth regulators, and microbial insecticides. Unlike many providers, Orkin may also lease out mosquito traps to its customers.

Orkin offers both one-time and monthly treatment plans for mosquitos. A one-time visit for an average-sized lot will cost around $75 to $150.


Aptive does not offer as many mosquito control services as Orkin or Terminix. However, it offers eco-friendly methods for treating mosquitoes that are also safe for your pets and family. Aptive technicians are also trained in educating you on simple, preventative steps you can take to reduce mosquito populations naturally, which could include sealing entry points and planting natural plants that repel mosquitoes.

Tick Control

Ticks are unpleasant, parasitic insects that feed on blood from humans and other mammals, like dogs and cats. They can also carry dangerous diseases, making them a pest you don’t want to trifle with.


Terminix’s Tick Defend System immediately works to eliminate ticks in your home. The Tick Defend System uses a four-step approach that kills ticks in every part of your yard. The first step is a thorough inspection, where the technician will identify pest-friendly areas in your yard, such as shrubs, transition areas, and grass. Then, they will make recommendations and a custom plan for your tick problem, followed by treatment, which is typically a combination of granular and liquid treatments that creates a strong barrier against ticks. Finally, Terminix does monthly services which minimize the tick population in your yard, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. For this service, you can usually expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $300.


Orkin works to modify the tick’s habitat in your yard by reducing pest-friendly areas, which will discourage ticks from gathering and breeding in your yard. This plan can include exposing pest-friendly areas to sunlight, which decreases the available moisture for pests. Your Orkin exterminator may also recommend removing any thick ground cover, fallen logs, firewood piles, rock piles, and dense shrubbery that ticks tend to flock to. Chemical applications may also be applied in high traffic tick areas, such as cover vegetation, ornamental plants, and where your lawn meets the woods. This reduces how easy it is for ticks to come into your yard and home. If you have a tick problem indoors, your technician will likely recommend using diatomaceous earth, which is safer for families to be around but still effective against many types of pests, including ticks. Extensive tick treatments can cost $300 or more from Orkin, but this will vary dramatically based on your property size and specific situation.


Aptive does not offer tick services in all states. However, it does have a large variety of treatments it may use against ticks, such as crack and crevice injections, spray applications, and knockdown treatments. With Aptive, you’re likely to get a highly customized pest control plan. All of its treatments will also be eco-friendly and pet-friendly, which is a plus for many. Its Four Seasons Protection Plan will guarantee your property is safe from ticks and other pests year-round so that you can rest easy knowing your home is secure.

Average Cost Comparison

Pest control can quickly become expensive and vary greatly depending on the size of your home, the type of pests you have, your location, and the provider you choose. If you’re looking to save money or for a quick comparison of the average costs for general pest control from Terminix, Orkin, and Aptive, read on for our in-depth breakdowns of each provider. Please keep in mind that the following numbers are estimates. Every company listed creates custom prices for each customer and their unique home, set-up, size, and location.


Terminix offers a wide variety of pest control plans. Its Ultimate Protection Package is a customer favorite because it provides coverage against both general pests and termites, along with an included 10 percent savings for the package. Bed bug treatments will typically cost $500 or more, depending on the infestation’s severity and the size of your property. Depending on the specific situation, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars for termite treatments, anywhere from $2,500 and up.

Terminix’s general pest control plan, which includes common pests like roaches, ants, and spiders, will cost around $500 to $700 for a home around 2,000 square feet. Again, this will also vary based on your location.


Like Terminix, Orkin offers a general pest control plan that covers various common household pests, such as wasps, ants, cockroaches, and rodents. Its seasonal outdoor pest control can help prevent pests from infesting your yard and property during their peak seasons, eliminating the chances of a future pest problem for you.

You can expect to pay between $550 and $750 a year for a general pest control plan with Orkin, making them, on average, slightly more expensive than Terminix. Bed bug treatments will usually cost at least $400 and can easily cost several thousand dollars depending on the infestation and size of your property. On the other hand, termites can be even more costly, especially if you need fumigation, which can easily cost $10,000 or more. Typical termite jobs for subterranean termites will cost substantially less, around $1,700 to $3,000 usually. These numbers will fluctuate based on the custom quote your Orkin technician gives you but can help you get a general idea of what to expect cost-wise.


Aptive tends to vary more in its pricing, and it’s harder to find numbers for as there appears to be a more significant difference in prices between branch offices. Its prices for general, year-round pest control plans appear to be close to Orkin’s prices at around $550 to $700 per year.

Specialty treatments for bed bugs can cost significantly more, even up to $1,500 for a single bed bug treatment depending on your home and the infestation level. Termite spot treatments are estimated to cost around $200 to $800. We recommend contacting Aptive for a custom free quote since its treatment methods vary much more than Terminix and Orkin, significantly affecting its pricing.

The Verdict

All three companies offer slightly different services at varying prices. As a whole, prices are relatively similar and competitive, and they have the customer satisfaction ratings to back up their service. When choosing between the three, we recommend starting with which pest control providers work within your state. Then, look at if that company provides treatments for the specific kind of pest you’re dealing with. After eliminating any companies that don’t fit these criteria, look at which types of treatments you’re willing to have performed on your property.

For example, if you’re interested in fumigation, Orkin would be your best choice. If you’re looking for a wider variety of eco-friendly pest control solutions, Aptive would be a great choice. Terminix has an excellent protection plan that features both of these pests if you’re looking for a great deal on termite and general pest control.

All three companies have their pros and cons. We hope this guide helps you make the best choice when looking for a pest control provider for your home!